happiness: Gardenwalk in the neighborhood

Our Chicago-neighborhood Edgewater launched the project GoEdgewater to stimulate people to bike and hike more. Last Sunday a gardenwalk was on their eventcalender. We had the opportunity to peep into the backyards of twenty residents with ecological gardens.

Our streets are gorgeously green, aren’t they?
It makes me instantly happy, every day again and again.

Hostas, hostas and hostas … and lilies.
Clearly the plants that survive our harsh winters and the plants who conquer in the shade.


Every garden welcomes us, with a sign, a table full of cookies, homemade ice-tea and with gardeners who love to chat about their little paradise.

It was a fun intermezzo last Sunday.

IMG_20150712_142814 IMG_20150712_150549 (2)
This is our garden and balcony. Much smaller but we love it.

Green happINEss in the Windy City!

Are you guys ever been to an Open Garden Event?
Which plant dominated at your visit?


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