Travel: Frank Lloyd Wright, from Chicago to LA

In June I spent a week in Los Angeles and was suggested to visit the HollyHock House, built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright was perhaps the most famous architect of his time and lived most of his life in a suburb of Chicago.

Wright developed his own style, a style influenced by its surroundings. In Chicagoland it’s the ‘Prairie Style’. Illinois’s baseline is ‘Prairie Country’ (also ‘Land of Lincoln’, but that’s beside this topic). There’s not much left of the Prairie Country nowadays, but in the beginning of the 20 century Illinois was covered with prairieland.

Wright used horizontal lines, large windows and soft colors, in line with its surrounding prairieland. It gets really interesting when you can visit a FLWright’s house. That said, you need to find the front door first. The entire interior including furniture, lamps and carpets are his design. In every house you follow a certain ‘Path of Discovery’. And that discovery is up to you…

This is how the prairie style homes look from the outside:

Robie House, Hyde Park-Chicago, Illinois

IMG_20150525_112340 (2)
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio, Oak Park, Illinois

IMG_20150525_113708 (2)
Oak Park, Illinois

Quite different with this California estate, which is more inspired by the dry, warm climate and the hollyhocks the owner loved so much:

IMG_20150627_133826 (2)
Hollyhock House, Los Angeles, California

I prefer the prairie style!

‘And what else did you do in LA?’ I hear you thinking.


  • chasing spirits in the Graystone Mansion (Ghostbusters!)
  • unriddling the story of the movie ‘Mulholland Drive’ and failing, again
  • having a chat with a friendly man from Texas who seemed to be a well-known TV host (Ben McCain)
  • skipping the roller skating on Venice Beach because the place was too packed
  • smiling at Lassie’s Hollywood Star
  • wandering why it’s 20°f colder at the coast than in the city
  • being a Minion in the fantastic 4D ‘Despicable me’ rollercoaster in Universal Studios
  • realizing that the Baywatch lifeguards really exist
  • feeling amazed on a rock in Topanga State Park, one of the many mountains in LA
  • eating a burrito from a food truck
  • searching for Santa Monica’s rental prices and putting that plan away
  • watching kolibris and Teslas flying by
  • spotting cacti in the Getty
  • driving a lot and being stuck in traffic, though there’s six lanes
  • and working a little bit on our Airbnb terrace

(as English is not my native language, some weird translations may have popped up. Feel free to let me know)


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