Travel: Our staycation

Last weekend was a staycation weekend.
Four days of stay vacation for Bart and me while he’s still walking with crutches due to a hip surgery. And we succeeded very well in having a happINEss weekend.

Day 1: A day in Naperville

Morning tea tasting at SereneTeaz in Wheaton, IL

IMG_20150814_095427 (2)

Old fashioned trolley ride with funny Annette in Naperville, IL

IMG_20150814_120320 (2)

Old fashioned lunch with a bratwurst at Kreger’s, in Naperville, IL

IMG_20150814_124901 (2) IMG_20150814_123241 (2)

A little nap in an old fashioned rocking chair…

IMG_20150814_130242 (2)

Followed by a walk in old fashioned Naper Settlement

IMG_20150814_150419 (2)

where the boy has been playing with Lincoln logs for 100 years..

IMG_20150814_132726 (2)

or at least when he’s not in class.

IMG_20150814_144459 (2)

Time for some MODERN indulgence with ‘death by chocolate’-cake at le Chocolat du Bouchard in Naperville, IL.

IMG_20150814_155447 (2)

a little stroll along Naperville’s river

IMG_20150814_165110 (2)

and some beer tasting and touring at Penrose in Geneva, IL.

IMG_20150814_175043 (2)

Day 2: Rooftop pleasure in Chicago

Watching Chicago’s Air & Water show, having a barbecue, relaxing at the fireplace and enjoying Saturday’s Fireworks. Thanks to our friends Jan and Nathalie.

IMG_20150815_134300 (2) IMG_20150815_142714 (2) IMG_20150815_165853 (2) IMG_20150815_200617 (2) IMG_20150815_221955 (2)

Day 3: Food, Beer and a treasure hunt in Chicago

After a mezze lunch at Athena, I drop Bart and our friends Leentje and Michael off at Goose Island Brewery for a tour and tasting.

IMG_20150816_151158 (2)

In the meantime Léon and I go treasure hunting in the Garfield Park Conservatory.

IMG_20150816_163609 (2)

IMG_20150816_165252 (2) IMG_20150816_161458 (2)

Woohoo! Treasure 1

IMG_20150816_162109 (2)

and treasure 2

IMG_20150816_163218 (2)

and treasure 3 is immediately consumed.

IMG_20150816_164222 (2)

We end the day with a tasty meal at the Publican.

Day 4: A road trip to Michigan

Old fashioned breakfast at Rosie’s in New Buffalo, MI

IMG_20150817_095407 (2)

A climb on the dunes of Warren Dunes State Park in Sawyer, MI
(@chicagoans, this is an awesome place to relax, hike and swim, at only a 1h30 drive)

IMG_20150817_111057 (2)

healthy lunch in Greenbush’ Brewery Pub, Sawyer, MI

 IMG_20150817_121630 (3)

Sawyer, MI, restyled

IMG_20150817_125524 (2) IMG_20150817_130616 (2) IMG_20150817_130737 (2)

Wine tasting at Lemon Creek Farm in Berrien Springs, MI
‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can by wine and that’s kind of the same thing’

IMG_20150817_141547 (2)

and U-pick blueberries

IMG_20150817_144516 (2) IMG_20150817_150303 (2)

Four days of staycation happINEss.

Who has some tips for our next staycation?

(as English is not my native language, some weird translations may have popped up. Feel free to let me know. Also none of the above businesses have invited me to write for them, nor have I received any compensation from them.)


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