Travel: And we’re back on the road

My hubby persisted in visiting a brewery in Ohio, 400 miles from Chicago. Hence we created a 4-day road trip including visits to multiple craft breweries, small hikes in nature to please me and intercultural experiences in our Airbnbs (long live Airbnb!).

We stayed at:

  1. the YountsvilleMill b & b, Crawfordsville, IN
    where the husband thought they would murder us because he watched too many Criminal Minds, and this while the host announced ‘breakfast is served’ by playing the piano and the hostess baked rosemary scones with almond milk especially for this lactose intolerant guest.
  2. Wildwood Inn b &b, New Straitsville, OH
    where the husband again thought we were going to be killed because he watched too many Criminal Minds, and this while the host entertained us with his travel stories and we walked the llamas to their pasture.
  3. Bonnie’s shabby chic, Columbus, OH
    where the husband for once did not think we would be killed, because this home was not hidden in the woods, and this while the hostess tried to get him drunk with her advice to visit all 22 craft breweries in Columbus.

We visited these breweries:

  1. LaFayette Brewing Company, Lafayette, OH, **
  2. People’s Brewing Company, Lafayette, OH, **** (hole in the wall)
  3. New Boswell, Richmond, IN, ***
  4. Rockmill Brewery, Lancaster, OH, ***** (hole in the wall)
  5. Columbus Brewing Company, Columbus, OH, ****
  6. Land Grant Brewing Company, Columbus, OH, *****
  7. Seventh Son Brewing Company, Columbus, OH, ****
  8. North High Brewing, Columbus, OH, **
  9. Sideswipe Brewing Company, Columbus, OH, *** (hole in the wall)
  10. Taxman Brewery Pub, Bargersville, IN, **** (hole in the wall)

The Hole in the Wall breweries were obviously recommended to us, otherwise we would have never found them.

Also, Columbus has an Ale Trail Brew Book that you can get stamped in every brewery you’ve visited and if a brewery does not serve food a food truck awaits your order outside. As Belgians (were the good beer originated) we are still astounded by the amazing customer experiences in the Midwest.

We’ve inhaled a fair amount of oxygen in:

  • Ohio’s Hocking Hills
  • Seurat’s “Sunday afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte” in Topiary Park, Columbus
  • on the premises of the Yountsville Mill and the llama farm

We enjoyed the conversations with our hosts and with the brewers and the brewery guests, the fresh air outside and the tasty brewpubfood.

A lot of happINEss on our road trip!!!


(as English is not my native language, some weird translations may have popped up. Feel free to let me know. Also none of the above businesses have invited me to write for them, nor have I received any compensation from them.)


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