travel: Xmas at New York

‘So, this is the difference with Chicago:’, my friend said before our arrival ‘New York is dirty! But, if you can see through the dirt it’s amazing!’.

I agree!

The only plans we’d made beforehand was:
– ignoring the dirt
– follow our friends’s advises in the moment
– for me: visiting Guggenheim, Moma and the High Line
– for the partner: visit some brewpubs he found on Yelp

And if you have little plans: ‘Then, smile when the unexpected happens.’, like my friend from BonViage always says.

We smiled seeing these unexpected things:

The cutest giant kitty ever, the best runner’s slogan ever (run like you’re awesome), the greatest turn-around to see graffiti ever, the most surprising graffiti-art-that-is-actually-not-on-the-wall ever…

Is there really a brewery behind this door?
Oh yes, said the man who happened to cycle through Belgium last summer?!


Euh, are we in the right place? If this was Chicago, I would get my butt out of here as soon as possible….


Look at the dirt at New York’s most famous craft brewery! Oops, we’re not supposed to look at the dirt, didn’t see it, didn’t see it…

A curl in the curl, smoke on Broadway, flowers outdoors in Winter (and dustbins before the beautiful Christmas decoration, didn’t see it, didn’t see it….)

Funny cocktails… I couldn’t stop smiling with my Xmas mocktail in the best Xmas decorated cocktail bar ever.

Thank you, New York, for an amazing time!
Greetz, Chicago.

If you like to know where a specific pic was taken, ask in the comments and I’ll happily share it…


(None of the above businesses have invited me to write for them, nor have I received any compensation from them.)




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