TRAVEL: the freedom of biking

My first month as a biking guide in Chicago is over. I wish it wasn’t… it was so much fun. Luckily there are 5 more months before the frost arrives anew.

I partner up with BajaBikes, a Dutch tour operator, specialized in biking tours in cities worldwide with Dutch speaking guides. And apparently they are well known.

What’s their to offer: FREEDOM.
Every  Dutch and Belgian bikes the whole time. It’s, in the first place, their means of transport, a way to get around. And therefor, we like to bike everywhere, to sit on a saddle and to see things from this specific eye level. But it can be frightening to bike in cities where there aren’t as many cyclists on the road as we are used to, where there aren’t as good cycle roads as we are used to, where drivers aren’t aware of cyclists as we are used to… Simple solution: bike with a local! Seize the freedom…


(None of the above businesses have invited me to write for them, nor have I received any compensation from them.)


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