Travel: ZEN-am-See

Let the happINEss in!

That’s how I’m welcomed in Zen-am-See, Austria. Say no more!

I take the cable car to the top of the Schmittenhöhe and instinctively feel I need to get away of the ski slopes. I wanted to do the 6 hour hike of the ‘Pinzgauer Spaziergang’ but there’s no express bus waiting for me at this time of the year to get me back to Zell-am-See. So I only do a part of it, meditate towards the snowy alpine summits, return, pick-nick and enjoy the ‘4 lake hike’ downhill.
Honestly, for the next 4 days I can’t take the stairs without moaning… But it was worth it.

More ZEN when:

  • cycling along the lake
  • stand-up-peddling on the lake
  • swimming in the lake
  • hiking ‘Thumersbacher höhenpromenade’
  • spending time with my (plus)-family

I think I need to experience all 4 seasons in ZEN-am-See. Will be back!


(None of the above businesses have invited me to write for them, nor have I received any compensation from them.)


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