Travel: Tour Leading in the South West

November last year, on Skype: ‘We’re looking for a Dutch speaking Tour Leader!’
Me: ‘I’m in!’
They: ‘You’ll have to drive a 15 passengers-van!’
Me: silence (thinking about my baseline “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”)…’I’m in!’
_ _ _

So, this is what happened:

In September, I spent 3 weeks in the South West with these amazing 22 Dutch Djoser travelers and the amazing co-tour leader Angela:img_20160905_215829

In October, I spent another 3 weeks in the South West with these amazing 22 Dutch and Belgian Djoser travelers and bad-ass (;-)) co-tour leader Taylor:


Both times I drove about 5300 kilometers with Marie (that’s how I named my van) who did not let me down. Thanks Marie!


Both times we crossed the South West that can only be described as ‘You have to see it yourself’.

San Francisco:


Yosemite National Park:


Death Valley National Park:


Las Vegas

Zion National Park:


Bryce Canyon National Park:


Arches National Park:


Monument Valley:


Grand Canyon National Park:


Route 66:


Los Angeles

Highway 1:


‘Will you do it again?’


… despite the fact that driving/leading/guiding 24/7 is without any doubt the most exhausting job I’ve ever done for the lowest pay I’ve ever had… my work-office had the best views ever, my clients were the happiest clients ever and it all felt like an amazing work-vacation instead of a real job…

Happy Travels!

_ _ _

(None of the above businesses have invited me to write for them, nor have I received any compensation from them.)


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