Ine’s Chicago

Ine loves to be your tour guide in Chicago.

Ine is pleased to give tours in Dutch and English and attend visitors in French and Spanish.

As a Belgian living in Chicago, she’s a big fan of her new home town and loves to share her favorite Chicago spots with you. She is also a candidate Chicago Tour Guide (with CTPA). Ine loves to help you with your Chicago-program, for free, as well as send you a draft chapter of her Dutch guidebook.

These are her of the beaten path tours, in Dutch:
Please contact her for an English version

Her friend and coworker Leentje is also a tour guide. She specializes in Music Tours and Family Tours. Check out her website!

Chicago definitely has the most impressive skyline of the States! It’s worth a helicopter flight; check out the tours of my friend Hendrik at Chicago Helicopter Tours!

What are the highlights of Chicago?
These are Ine’s favorites;

Looking for places to stay?
Ine highly recommends Airbnb. Live like a local!
Too many options? Ine will help you figure out the neighborhoods you would love.

How to get around in Chicago?
Use the cta-trains and cta-buses. You can buy single or daytickets at the electronic machines in the trainstations or buy a Ventracard for 5$ and add transit value (you get the 5$ back if you register the card online). A single ride costs 2.25$ and counts for 1 hour.


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