Ine likes to write short, entertaining texts, preferable in Dutch, as it is her mothertongue.

For the moment, she is working on 2 projects:

  1. A guidebook about Chicago
    • with walking-itineraries per neighborhood of +/-7k / 10.000 steps / 4.5miles
    • indicating tourism highlights, shops, restaurants and fun things to do
    • for everyone who likes to walk in Chicago, like a happy local
    • all in Dutch, but can be translated
    • email me for a free chapter or if you’re interested in publishing this guidebook.
    • Koop de e-gids voor slechts 4,99€ hier.
  2. A Happiness Story
    • I am writing a narrative together with a friend. We write a story called ‘Sunny Side Up’. It’s about two friends, in their 30-ies, who’ve made a wishlist for the year to come. Usually they would make an action plan to achieve their goal. But now they’ve decided to listen to their heart instead of their mind.
      And that’s how they experience to truly enjoy life and have faith in the outcome of their wishlist.
    • We launch 2 letters and 1 podcast per week on www.sunnysideup.rocks
    • If you are interested in this story contact me by e-mail.

If you like to know more about these projects or like to engage Ine for something fun contact her through e-mail.


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